FDA Compliant Advanced Stem Cell Master Class

Adipose Tisse | Umbilical Cord
 i) Mini- liposuction &
 Fat Transfer 
ii) Adipose stem cell 
extraction protocol 
iii) Nano Fat Applications
iv) Stem Cell Injections & Procedures
v) Stem Cell Injections for Dentists

PRP Procedures |

PRP Aesthetics 

i) Aesthetic Procedures
           Vampire Facelift®
           Vampire Facial®
           Vampire Hair®
           Breast Lift®
           Scar Rejuvenation

iii) Sexual Wellness 

ii) Joint Pain Injections

iv) Pulmonary Applications 

v) Wound Healing

vi) PRP for Dentists

Aesthetics &

Sexual Wellness Complete - 7D 

ii) Sexual Wellness ( 5D )
D1. Shockwave Therapy
D2. P Shot (male) |
O Shot (female)
D3. Stem Cell injections 
Male & Female
D4. Testosterone Pellets
D5. Volume Augmentation
Male & Female

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